CUDRR+R attended Workshop on Local-Level Data at University College London

CUDRR+R attended Workshop on Urban Resilience Metrics for Policy Action organized by the Bartlett Development Unit at University College London in September 26-27, 2019.

The aim of this meeting was to bring together practitioners working with different local level risk information methodologies to discuss how information is used for implementing disaster risk management at the local level. In addition to CUDRR+R, participants in the meeting include practitioners working with DesInventar, Action at the Frontline, ReMapRisk, CityRAP, SDI’s Know Your City, UNISDR Resilience Scorecard, 100RC, ARUP City Resilience Index and UN-Habitat City Resilience Profiling Programme.

This workshop aimed to provide a forum for sharing experiences of how risk information is used by local governments, policy-makers, practitioners and communities to act on risks.