Esra Akcan, CUDRR+R Board Member and Cornell University Professor of Architecture received the prestigious Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship. During her time at Harvard, Akcan researched her next book project, Right-to-heal: Architecture in Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Societies, which explores architecture’s role in transitional justice after intense upheavals and internal conflicts, such as state violence, environmental disasters, civil wars, ethnic cleansing, and economic meltdown. This book aims to critically examine opportunistic responses to crises that foreclose the right to heal and pinpoint best practices that move toward a more meaningful reconstitution.

Listen an excerpt from Esra Akcan’s upcoming book in this lecture at the Radcliffe Institute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZE4mZoq7tc

Also see Akcan’s discussion on the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on cities and future of architecture and planning in this interview at the Radcliffe Institute https://www.radcliffe.harvard.edu/news-and-ideas/how-to-build-a-better-world