Kevin Blanchard is a Consultant at CUDRR+R.

Kevin Blanchard is the Director of DRR Dynamics, a UK based research organisation focused on ensuring the inclusion and empowerment of marginalised groups in the policy and practice of disaster risk reduction and humanitarian emergencies. Kevin has over 13 years of experience in developing inclusive DRR and humanitarian policy for national governments, international agencies and NGOs.

Kevin achieved an undergraduate degree in Environmental Management and a master’s degree in Environment, Politics and Globalisation at King’s College London.  Kevin is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a visiting lecturer at Kingston University London and Lincoln Bishop Grosseteste University where he lectures on risk, emergency management and climate change.

In addition, Kevin is also the communications coordinator for the Gender Disasters Network  and runs a number of social media accounts on #InclusiveDRR and #NoNaturalDisasters.

Kevin’s consultancy work at CUDRR+R focuses on vulnerable communities and their inclusion in DRR and resilience building policy making and implementation process.