CUDRR+R attended the 7th Steering Committee Meeting of the Making Cities Resilient Campaign that took place at UN-Habitat’s City Resilience Profiling Program offices at San Pau, Barcelona. The Steering Committee worked on developing a road map to facilitate nations and cities achieve the goals of the Sendai Framework and the SDGs to achieve sustainable and resilient cities. The Steering Committee was chaired by UN-Habitat’s Esteban Leon. Among attendees were other steering committee members including UNDRR’s Ricardo Mena and Sanjaya Bhatia, UCLG’s Mohammed Boussraoui, Global Resilient Cities Network’s Braulio Eduardo Morera, University of Huddersfield’s Dilanthi Amaratunga and City Representatives, from Manchester City, Ms. Kathy Oldham, from Amadora, Portugal, Mr. Luis Carvalho, from Adeban, Jordan, Mr. Khaled Abuaisheh and from Makati City, Philippines, Ms. Violeta Seva.