SendaiCUDRR+R’s Ebru Gencer and Jaroslav Mysiak are attending the WCDRR in Sendai, Japan

Ebru Gencer will present, on behalf of UPAG, “Urban Planning Advisory Group – Delivering the Urban Challenges” at the Local Authorities Roundtable on March 13 (15.00-18.00) at Sendai International Centre, 2F, Room 1&2.

She will also join the announcement of the New Ten Essentials of the Making Cities Resilient Campaign on Sunday, March 15 (09.00 -12.00) at Tohoku University.

Jaroslav Mysiak will talk about the roles of public-private and public-public partnerships in flood risk management (including the EU policies) at the “Flooding in Europe – new risks and strategies to build resilience” Session on March 14 (16.00) at Tohoku University Kawauchi-kita Campus B200.

He will also present at the IGNITE Stage about the ENHANCE Project on 15March (16.00) at 2nd floor Foyer of Sendai International Centre.