Resilience Learning Module: Localizing the Sendai Framework for DRR

United Cities Local Governments (UCLG) the international organization that represents Local Governments and their Associations tasked CUDRR+R’s Ebru Gencer to develop a Resilience Learning Module that will support Localization of the Sendai Framework across Local Governments and their Associations.

The Learning Module that was developed in partnership with UN-Habitat and UNDRR aims to support local authorities in the creation of an enabling environment for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Resilience Building. The module aims to foster learning and raising awareness about the links between local action and the achievement of the global agendas, particularly that of the Sendai Framework for DRR.

The first volume of the learning module on the localization of the Sendai Framework discusses the fundamentals of resilience building and their potential integration into local and regional governments’ (LRGs’) policy cycle, providing a base framework for LRGs to understand risk and resilience, enhance risk governance, identify available finance mechanisms and opportunities, and formulate their DRR and resilience building strategies and action plans while building capacities for implementation.